As many Ukrainian golfers would be aware, the Karpaty Credit Union was a great supporter of the Ukrainian Golf Club Sydney. Their sponsorship first began in 1987 and continued for many years. In January of 2010, the Sydney Credit Union (SCU) merged with Karpaty.

The SCU have recognised the strong relationship Karpaty shared with our local Ukrainian community. In 2011, the SCU became our new sponsor and agreed to provide our Club with much needed financial support. The money SCU provided enabled our Club to purchase new playing shirts for all of our members, which are worn at all monthly games and interstate challenges. In addition, our sponsorship enabled us to subsidise yearly memberships, monthly match fees and prizes. In 2019, the SCU agreed to continue their sponsorship of our Club and provide further financial support. Our partnership will continue to enable us to subsidise memberships and green fees, whilst also assisting in upgrading our new and improved website.

The Ukrainian Golf Club expresses its sincere gratitude to the Sydney Credit Union for their continued financial support. Our Club continues to be a member of SCU and we encourage our members, their families and friends to continue, or consider becoming members of this supportive financial institution.

The SCU continue to strive to be a financial institution that aims for the betterment of the community it operates in. Goran and his team at the local Lidcombe SCU branch offer specialised services whilst also employing dedicated Ukrainian speaking staff to assist our Ukrainian community. They are located at the existing Karpaty site; 27-29 Church Street, Lidcombe. Their trading hours are Monday-Friday 9.00am-4.30pm and can be contacted on (02) 9646 1377.

The Ukrainian Golf Club acknowledges and thanks the Sydney Credit Union for their ongoing financial support. This is in continuance from our initial and longest serving sponsor in Karpaty Credit Union (1987-2009).

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